House and Commercial Painting Brisbane

The Main Differences Between Residential And Commercial Painting Brisbane

While you may take on the opinion that painting is painting, when it comes to commercial properties they require different approaches than residential properties. Commercial painting Brisbane requires a firm that is able to handle the job and do it effectively. Let’s take a look at the differences between commercial and residential painting below, so you can get a better idea of what is involved with each.

Amount Of Workers 

It shouldn’t be a surprise that commercial painting Brisbane is going to require more employees than residential painting. This is simply due to the amount of space that needs to be painted. For example, an apartment building with 200 rooms is a much bigger job than a house with 3 rooms that need to be repainted. Each commercial painting Brisbane firm should be concerned with the amount of time a particular job takes. The size of the job and the contracted time will be a deciding factor in the number of workers that will be required on site for the job.

Scheduling Requirements

As you learned above, residential firms tend to have fewer employees. This makes it more likely that the homeowner is going to have to be scheduled in whenever the painting firm is able to do the job. This typically is limited to regular business hours of Monday through Friday during the daytime hours. Contrastly, firms that do commercial painting Brisbane have many workers and are more willing to work with your schedule. Dealing with commercial properties these firms know that they will be working around the schedule of building clients and tenants. For this reason, the commercial PR painting Brisbane firms are more likely to work on the weekends and at night to ensure they’re not interfering with the regular business of the property.

Services Offered 

Many residential painters simply offer painting as their service. With commercial firms, there are typically more services that are available to the client. Firms that do commercial painting Brisbane are more likely to offer sandblasting, electrostatic painting, epoxy flooring installation, and other additional services. This makes it extremely convenient for commercial property owners to hire only one firm to do the job while residential homeowners are going to have to hire multiple firms.

More Equipment 

It’s not hard to conclude that commercial properties tend to be much bigger than residential properties. This requires painting companies to have access to a large number of various pieces of equipment to get each commercial job done correctly. These include pieces like cherry picker cranes, industrial painting tools, mechanical platforms, and more that allow access to high areas of the commercial building.

As you can see, there are many differences between residential and commercial painting firms. It’s important to take these differences into account when finding the ideal firm to hire for your next painting job. Always stick with a commercial painting firm when you are in need of having your commercial property painted as they will have the right equipment and staff to get the job done effectively.

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